Why Company Name Registration Is Important

Do you really have to register your business name? if this is also the question that is lurking in your mind as you are about to open a new business, then let me tell you this, yes you need to. The only reason for you not to register your business name is if it exactly the same with your own name. But if there is even a slightest difference like even just a word added to it, then you should register your business name. that is what the law required of you being the owner of a certain business. Another very important reason for you to register your business name is so that it cannot be used by other business owners. You see, being the business world is overly competitive, you have probably brainstormed for days as to the kind of name to use for your business. Thus it is just right that you should protect it and you can do that by registering it.

So, if you are now planning to register your name, here are three possible paths that you can check so that you can choose which path is best for your situation:

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– You can file a DBA or Doing Business As. This is the process that you need to take if you register your business as sole proprietorship so that you can use your business name without really the need of creating a formal entity like for example a corporation. Like for example if you are running a restaurant and you want it to be known as Jane’s Eatery, then you need to apply a DBA for Jane’s Eatery.

– Another way to register your business name is to incorporate your business or when you will have it as LLC. The moment any of this application will be approved, your business name is also automatically approved. You see, before the government will even approve yurt application for incorporation or for an LLC, they will make sure first that no other business is using your business name and after you are approved, no other business can use it.

– And lastly, the most effective way to protect your business name is to apply for a trademark. However, this is quite a complicated process thus you can check online for a detailed explanation of this. But as mentioned, this is the most effective way to protect your business name and in fact, before applying for this, make sure that your chosen business name is still available or no other business is using it. The moment you apply for a trademark and your business name is not available anymore, then whatever fees you have paid will not be refunded and of course your application for trademark will be automatically rejected. Find out about the process of company registration Australia.

Being a business man means you are too busy you can hardly find time for yourself. But since protecting your business name is also an important aspect of your business, you should find time to do this and you also have the option to do this online. So, check for that.

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