What You Need to Know about Demolition Wastes

What You Need to Know about Demolition Wastes

When demolition jobs are done different kinds of debris are left. Many of these demolition wastes are recyclable and reusable while there are also debris that need to be carried to the disposal site. Some demolition wastes are dangerous, especially if the demolished building is very old where asbestos may be present. Other demolition wastes are harmless but may become hazardous when they decompose after being dumped in a landfill. Demolition wastes like this need to be disposed properly and therefore may incur additional costs.

Local governments regulate demolition waste recycling procedures. Most of these regulations require demolition contractors to sort through a certain percentage of the debris before the rest of the demolition wastes are disposed to the dump site.
Demolition waste materials like concrete, wood, and bricks are often reused. Bricks can be sold or reused for landscaping projects; concrete is made into aggregate, and if wood is still in excellent condition, it can still be used for new construction projects. Certain types of wood like hardwoods and planks are high in demand so they can be sold for a reasonable price. Hardwood boards taken from the demolition site can be reused as flooring materials.



The scrap metal market goes up and down from time to time but it is still better to recycle them rather than throwing them to the landfill. The idea is economically viable and environment friendly as the same time. Metal demolition debris like pipes and bars can be subjected to a process of cleaning then melting down so they can be made into new objects.



Demolition wastes that are impossible to reuse and recycle are disposed at a landfill. Government regulations should be followed when handling demolition wastes that are hazardous to the environment and to human beings. Local governments usually require demolition contractors to perform abatement process before the demolition starts.

Before you start your demolition project be sure that you know the proper way to handle the demolition waste materials. Demolition projects that involve hazardous wastes need to be done by experts as they can be very dangerous and harmful to the environment and the people that comes in contact with them.


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