Photo Booth Photos: What poses should you do?

A photo booth hire is one of today’s most famous ways of spicing up a party. These booths, which can either come in its typical closed booth which is operated by a machine or an open space booth in which a person takes the photographs using a cameras, give people a chance to take home a photograph from the party which will serve as a special token. When a person and his group of friend or family members have their photos taken from a photo booth hire, there are several items that they can use to make their photos interesting. The question would follow this is what poses should you do before it is immortalized on the photo?


A photo booth hire photo, despite its crazy accessories that it can boast for people to use such as large glasses, masks and colorful party wigs, can have the people about to have their photo taken have formal photos complete with ready smiles and a pose that can make a family portrait proud. The final effect will either be sweet or funny depending on the person looking at the photo, especially when the people in the photo are making use of the items provided for the by photo booth hire company.




A wacky pose for the camera will let everyone do whatever crazy pose they have for the camera. Be it the usual peace sign, tongues hanging out just like Gene Simmons from KISS complete with the rock on sign or just plain making funny faces, these photos will definitely scream only one word which is “fun” despite the famous line that a picture says a thousand words. The presence of the accessories will only amplify the fun factor that the people in the photographs have used.

Acting out scenes

Acting out scenes, whether if it is from a movie or just a known pose, is another way in which a photo booth hire photo is taken which makes the final output even more interesting to look at. Whether it is everyone in the photo looking uniformly at a single direction or perhaps famous movie scenes such as Titanic’s Jack and Rose scene to today’s wildly famous Jurassic World scene where actor Chris Pratt had to stop raptors with his arms spread out. This is yet another clever way of making the photos interesting for everyone.

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