What Makes A Great Café?

What really makes a good café? You might answer, “a good coffee!” that’s for sure. We can all agree that Australians love a cup of coffee and without a doubt, they are enjoying the existence of great cafes. However, if you are planning to invest in this industry, be sure to offer something unique.

In this modern day, a café isn’t just about a place to have your coffee. It can also be a perfect location where you can work or study or a location where you and your friends can spend your afternoon at. Here are the things that make a great café:

• Good quality coffee

Gone are the days of instant coffees. Most established cafes gain popularity because of their amazing and consistent blends. To stand out amongst other shops, you need to be able to produce delicious coffee that lingers on the taste buds.

• Amazing furniture

Most successful owners know how important chairs and tables are. Although coffee is the most common reason why a coffee enthusiast loves a specific shop, cozy furniture makes the stay worthwhile.

• Comfortable vibe

A café is considered a great one if it has a relaxed and homey feel to it, making it an excellent place to stay in. Getting the right balance of the aroma and calmness makes a perfect combination of a great café.

• Games and activities

Cafes aren’t just a place to study, it can also be a perfect place where you can relax with your friends and family. Most established cafes nowadays offer interactive activities such as board games. This allows you to have fun whilst waiting for your food.

White Jam is known to be the best breakfast café in Brisbane Northside, built with mismatched chairs and lounges with comfy cushions for a laid-back vibe. They offer a cosy place to stay in and enjoy a cup of good coffee.