The Vital Role of a Gas Fitter in Ensuring Safety

The Vital Role of a Gas Fitter in Ensuring Safety

Improper usage of LPG tanks and gas appliances can result to fire and explosion. Also, the risk does not only come from the fuel but also from its by-products. These include water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is where the vital role of a fitter comes in- to make sure that these appliances are safe to use. In general, all devices that rely on gas for its power must be inspected at least once a year by gas fitter Brisbane.

What is gas fitting

Any type of work that involves the installation, alteration, repair and maintenance of gas-powered appliances is called gas fitting. The work of a fitter is to ensure that the safety of the people every time these appliances are used.

The work of a fitter does not begin and end at home and commercial establishments only but it extends to gas appliances that are used in caravans, trains, motor homes, among others. They are also relied on by the government to check on public gas line systems.

What do they do

1) They are the ones who install and repair the appliance that use gas to make sure that the appliance can be used safely and no threats of explosion or fire.

2) In case there are incidents of fire due to gas appliances, the gas fitter can be called to help in the investigation.

Who can work as a gas fitter

1) Licensed category- there are three sub-categories under this.  The highest certified fitter can perform work on all kinds of gas appliances.  They are also tasked to supervise others below them. Then there is also the apprentice who still needs supervision. Others are trainees who are still training to become licensed.

2) Exempted but under supervision- These are the people who can do fitting jobs that but a certified fitter must oversee their work at all times.


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