Types of open-style photo booth hires

Types of open-style photo booth hires

The open-style photo booth is perhaps the most common type of photo booth hire and is highly enjoyed as it can give clients a red carpet feel when using it. An open-style photo booth is basically a photo booth that is not confined within its set space like the traditional photo booth. In some cases, a photo booth hire that follows an open-style is often cheaper. There are three types of photo booths that fall under the open-style category. Like its opposite, the enclosed photo booth, they are also available for a photo booth hire depending on the availability of the said type. Here are three types of open-style photo booths that are worth reading up.


A kiosk is a versatile photo booth style which can be used in both an open space and enclosed space. It comes in the form of a tall, column-like machine which has a screen in the front which shows people in a mirrored view so they can check what they look like before their photo is taken. The advantage of using a kiosk photo booth in an open space is that it does not limit the number of people featured on the photograph being sent.


The one and only photo booth hire that makes people feel like stars rocking the red carpet is the open-style photographer photo booth. This is perhaps the most common offering of all photo booth hires and often makes use of a backdrop, props and the necessary equipment used in order to produce the photos such as a printer, a high-end camera and the necessary editing software. In terms of the print-outs, some photo booth hires would have a different set of payments for the prints which is independent from that of the rental fee.


A novelty photo booth is a unique type of photo booth hire service as it comes in different ways depending on how the business owners came up with their design for their photo booth. Some photo booth hire owners would take advantage of company vehicles by turning them into a fun studio where the photos can be taken while others would add special physical effects in the background such as blow-up items.

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