Types of Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial model of dishwashers can clean high quantity of kitchenware within a short period of time using less water and detergent. The size requirement is calculated based on the number of utensils and dishes to be cleaned daily by the food service establishment. Under counter commercial dishwashers are used in small kitchens. They look similar to that of residential model and they are capable to wash 35 racks of dishes per hour.

Door type dishwashers can wash 80 racks of dishes per hour and they wash as many as pots and pans. It is equipped with a door safety switch. Conveyor dishwashers are three tank models and they are best to be used in the large cafeteria. They can clean 250 to 1500 plates in an hour. Flight dishwashers are used in large hotels and banquet halls. They can be individually designed or custom built based on one’s requirement. They can wash tens of thousands of dishes per hour.

Advantages of commercial dishwashers

•    Very economical
•    Easy to operate
•    Consumes less energy and water to wash the utensils by maintaining high standards
•    Requires no man power
•    Very less running cycles to finish the task
•    Fast and efficient
•    Can wash any type of equipment such as pots, plates, dishes, crockery, cutlery, pans, etc.

Because of these many advantages many food processing and service industries are opting this product. Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there are many more advantages of commercial dishwashers over hand washing. You can get sparkling plates, crockery sets, pans with each and every wash, which could ever be possible when we wash with our hands. They come out cleaner and drier without requiring you to clean up the plates, crockery, or other utensils with a dry cloth.

Detergents used

Different types of detergents contain different combinations of ingredients. Biodegradable detergents available these days are eco-friendly. The detergents are mainly alkaline and you should never use inexpensive detergent. Inexpensive detergents contain sand and they harm dishes. Top quality, customized detergents are also available that can make your kitchenware sparkle and shine.