Tips for Finding the Best Vaping Mods and Accessories

Vaping mods and accessories can never be generalised because what works for one vaper may not work on the other. Another reason is that people also react differently to nicotine. Adding to the complication is the wide variety of devices, accessories and e-juice flavours out in the market today.


So, instead of trying to blow your brains out trying to go through every flavour and every device, identify which stage are you in the vaping process. That way, it’ll be easier to narrow down your choices.

  • Beginning Stage

If you’re someone who has no experience using an e-cigarette, you may get overwhelmed with the complexity of it. Because unlike a traditional cigarette, vape devices require weekly maintenance because they aren’t disposable.

For this type, look for vaping mods and accessories with low output regulated functions and integrated batteries. Not only does it provide the necessary safety features but also the most basic components for easy use.

  • Intermediate Stage

You’re considered to be in the intermediate stage if you already have familiarity with e-cigarettes. You already know how to clean, troubleshoot and even repair your device. Plus, you have a clear idea of what flavours suit your taste.

It’s also at this stage where you can decide if you’re more of the flavour or the vapour. Whichever you choose, you’re now ready to explore more complex vaping mods and accessories that will emphasise either the Vegetable Glycerine or the Propylene Glycol.

  • Expert Stage

If you’re someone who has a complete understanding of the purpose and use of e-cigarettes, along with what vaping mods and accessories go well with what, then you’re considered an expert.

But it’s not just about customising a vaping device but also in troubleshooting and cleaning it. You know what stuff to use and where to get it from.

With numerous tanks, vaping mods and accessories available in the market, the key to finding the right ones for you is by learning to start from the very basic. iVape have a massive range of vaping mods and accessories. Visit their website today!