Things To Enjoy In Fiji Resort

Things To Enjoy In Fiji Resort

Different Fiji resorts have different things to showcase. If you need just the right amount of street noise just to make sure that the city is within reach, and just a few people to distract you, then Tilivia Resort is the best place to check in as you plan your Fijian holiday getaway. Situated in the immaculate island of Kadavu, the grounds of Tilivia resort is located in an untouched archeological site, with the native flora and fauna around it. Kadavu stays one of the most immaculate environments in the world, with only a few roads, a little bright light sources and noise pollution. The old Fijian customs and lifestyle is still active in this tropical island, and because of its close relationship with the Tilivia village, you will be given the chance to experience and taste the authentic Fijian culture.

Accommodation Types

There are six bures that Tilivia has to offer which are all very unique, and each of them has their own themed designs. There is the Verona Suite as what they call, which showcase a romantic design, and the also the Wild Safari Suite. Thing is whatever theme design you choose, you would still be provided with the comforts of home – your room still has LED TV’s and plush robes. This is all apart from the Grand Bure which showcases the Colonial Fijian period. This bure has the vibe of a high-end British colonial club – from its billiard table and full bar. Perfect setting to lounge or curl up with a good book you brought with you or coming from the resort’s library.


Just like some other resorts, there are also fun activities that can be done at the Tilivia Resort. There are the PADI dive packages to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Chartered fishing trips are also available. Snorkel, kayak, hike, play a game on the sandy white beach – everything you could think of doing in this beautiful paradise could be possible. There is even an en suite day spa that you can take time to enjoy as well.


The meals prepared for the guests are coming from the Grand Bure’s restaurant, which showcase international cuisine. You can enjoy lobster eggs benedict for breakfast, else the chocolate pancakes, grilled seafood plates for lunch and seven course meal for dinner. What’s best about it? You meals are all included in the initial fee that you’ve paid.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Fiji holidays getaway now in Tilivia Resort.

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