The Value of Cleaning Services

The Value of Cleaning Services

There can never be a consensus when we ask ourselves who the greatest human being who graced this world is. What we can settle on is that they all have one very important component: the ability to selflessly serve. Apart from love, service is most important commodity that an individual can offer to society. Service rendered may range from offering medical attention to providing carpet cleaning services.

Types of service

Service can classify into two broad categories: There services offered without expecting financial gain, and there is service offered with the sole of benefiting financially.

Free services

It is human to take things for granted especially those things that we do not have to incur expenses, an example is air. We seldom think about the air we breathe because we do not have to pay for it. Sometimes the services we offer for free are also taken for granted but the services also have the opening to make a difference in society. For example, you do not need to be paid to help an old lady cross the road: that is a virtue taught to all children.

Commercial services

Some services are solely commercial. Service providing companies like carpet cleaning services Melbourne that offer carpet cleaning services often require money in exchange for their service. These companies are important because the service industry is one of the foundations of great economies of the world. These services provide employment for billions of people around the globe and enable households to meet their economic obligations.

The value of service

Not all services offered are equivalent in terms of value. Some of the services offered require more financial compensation than others. For example: a university lecturer will earn less than a chief executive officer of a large company. Both of them provide services, but the chief executive officer’s expertise requires harder training and thus the compensation will be commensurate. A company that offers event planning and decorations is likely to charge more than a company that offers carpet cleaning services because planning and hosting events is more involving and taxing than cleaning carpets and rugs hence the difference in the amount of money charged.

Experience plays an important role in financial gain, for instance two companies that provide carpet cleaning services: Company H and L. If company H has been in business for over 15 years, and company L has been in business for 1 year, then company H is likely to charge more money than company L because company L is a startup company and requires to attract it clientele while company H already has settled in the market.

There are many factors that influence service delivery. Regardless of the service offered, courtesy and kindness should be included in all packages of service.

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