The Purpose Of Energy Healing Techniques

Energy healing is a branch of alternative medicine and a health care practice based on the belief that healers are able to channel the healing energy into an individual and thus gain positive results regarding their overall health and wellness. According to this philosophy, one can achieve optimal health by gaining a proper balance in their energy. Any imbalance, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, will affect the overall health of an individual.

Healers use a variety of energy healing techniques to cure their patients. Most of them involve the transfer of ‘healing energy’ from a healer to a patient, the manipulation of the energy flow and the stabilization of the amount and quality of energy within the human body. The list of energy healing techniques has been expanding; however, these are some of the most popular ones.

Reiki – a Japanese ‘palm-healing’ method based on the belief that an invisible ‘life force energy’ flows through every individual and causes them to be alive. When this energy is high, one is likely to be healthy and happy, and when it gets low, one is likely to get sick or feel negatively. This method treats the whole person including body, mind, spirit and emotions. It has been known for creating many benefits.

Qigong – a Chinese technique based on the same belief of ‘life force energy’ flowing through every human being. It involves posture, breathing techniques and mental focus and can be classified in martial, medical or spiritual.

Biofield – a technique based the principle of interacting with person’s biofield in order to effect changes that improve their overall well-being.

Therapeutic Touch – a type of biofield energy therapy that involves the manipulation of person’s energy field as a way of promoting their health. Like many other energy healing techniques, it is based on the belief that any disease is actually an imbalance in the energy field.

Acupuncture – a Chinese approach to healing that uses thin needles inserted in points of body through which ‘gi’ vital energy is believed to run. By assessing the force energy with needles, the energy flow can be properly balanced resulting in improved health. When the forces are imbalanced, it is likely that certain illness will occur. This technique is extremely popular today.

Chakra – this method of healing believes that within the physical body there is another body, a spiritual one which contains the Chakras, centers of force energy which serve as a transmission of this energy from and to the universe, nature, people and even things. Chakras cover almost every area of the body and some of the most significant ones are believed to be in hands, feet, shoulders and fingertips.

Distant Healing – in essence, the healer sends the energy to another person who is physically at some other place in order to produce the desired effects by re-balancing their energy.

There are plenty energy healing techniques and while their practitioners may use different approaches, they all share the same purpose – to heal by channeling the energy within the body.