The History of Hand Made Patchwork Quilts

We are all familiar with the warmth and comfort provided by the old, reliable hand made patchwork quilt.  However, little do people know that these beauties carry with them an interesting history. This adds even more to the already high sentimental value of such a quilt and reminds you that they have been comforting people for many years already. So we will quickly outline the history of the patchwork quiltfrom its inception in America up to the present day when millions are bought off of Ebay and other sites every year. So sit back and enjoy the history of the quilt.

The great tradition of the handmade patchwork quilt was started in the mid-west of America amongst the active women sitting in sewing circles. These women could be seen sitting around a frame used to sewing fabrics and producing quilts at an industrial scale. There was even a prestigious prize for the best quilts in the country. It was a highly competitive and serious business. However, such quilts made excellent wedding presents and they were often given to newlyweds for something nice in which to christen their marriage bed. However, these were not just interesting novelties; they were often methods of recording one’s life on earth.

Hand made patchwork quilts were often created using patterns which depicted the events of the maker’s life. This makes them very personalised items which sometimes reflect the most important events of one’s life. However, these quilts were not the most famous ones. The best quilts came out of the stern encampments of the Amish folk. Since the quilts were made out of old fabric, this was the perfect opportunity for the surly worshippers to advertise their meagre lifestyle of selflessness. They have been renowned worldwide for their skill with the quilts and the unique and sometimes bafflingly complex patterns they made on them.

Nowadays we can find patchwork quilts everywhere, on every nation on earth and they inspire us as much now as they did in the past. So now that you are educated in the history of the hand made patchwork quilt you can exercise great taste when buying them, investing not just in comfort but in a long history of cultured artwork and religious fervour. You can find makers of these quilts in most major towns, if you struggle to find a vendor in your local area, there are plenty available online. So what are you waiting for, it is about time to buy a quit set.