The Beauty of Off Road Caravans

If you constantly travel around the country by road, caravan is a wise investment. It is more advantageous though to invest in of road caravans because it basically functions like the regular caravan only that it is tougher. It likes adventure and it can take rough and tough roads. The regular caravan has some limitations in a sense that it cannot traverse the rough terrains.

What makes campervans different

The major difference is in the body construction of the caravan. The chassis is much tougher which makes it capable of traversing rough and long terrains. It is also constructed in a way that it can be maneuvered with ease. The campervans hire is capable of getting in and out of tight spaces as it is easier to turn. The equipments and accessories are also made bigger to allow more days on the road. It has larger water tanks, bigger gas cylinders, and it has more provisions for storage. The campervans is constructed specifically for those who enjoy camping for extended days in places that cannot be accessible by regular vehicles.


Who says discomfort is part of camping? Now you can take with you your off road caravans in remote places without having to sacrifice some home discomforts. This type of caravan is equipped with all the luxury of your home. It has a space for beds, cooking areas, bath area, and more. You can even custom –design your caravan, if you wish.

Ideal for extended travel

Once you own this piece of travel companion, you will realize the convenience and safety it gives. You will never run out of food supplies as the off road caravans is equipped with larger storage facility so you can take more food with you on your next travel. It has a refrigerator so no worries of food spoilage. In case something happens while you are on a vacation such as sudden flooding, this type of caravan is constructed to withstand all road conditions. Taking it with you gives you peace of mind because you know that you will remain safe o the road.

Types of off road caravans

You can either choose the full height or the pop top road caravan. The only difference between the two lies on the height. The ceiling of the former is higher while the sides or the windows of the pop top can be opened as it has a protective window screens.