Steam Carpet Cleaning – The Tools of the Trade

Steam Carpet Cleaning – The Tools of the Trade

If you have heard of steam carpet cleaning and all its wondrous benefits, you would most likely opt for that option in cleaning out your carpets. Also known as hot water extraction method, the very idea of this cleaning style will definitely pique your interest and you would definitely want to how it works and what are the instruments being used to make the cleaning magic happen. Listed below are some of the tools that are often used in steam carpet cleaning and how they are applied.

Vacuum Cleaner

Before starting the real deal steam carpet cleaning process, the carpets are vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. The reason for this is to remove the dust and grime that has layered over the carpet. By vacuuming the carpet ahead, this can ensure that once the hot water extraction cleaning process has been started, it won’t pose any problem namely the thickening of the visible dirt once the carpet has already been in contact with the soapy solution.

Detergent solutions and other cleaning chemicals

Once pre-vacuuming has been performed, the next step is to prepare the carpet for the steam carpet cleaning. At this point, a detergent often mixed with water or a specific cleaning chemical that is designed to specifically remove dirt embedded within the carpet is applied. This is often paired with a carpet conditioner so as to help in effectively eliminate the filth holding on to the carpet fibers that hasn’t been included in the pre-vacuuming stage. Allergens like dust and possibly even pollen are included in the total removal of the dust and muck.

Hot Water Extraction Machine

To complete the steam carpet cleaning process, a hot water extraction machine is used. This machine is either portable or truck mounted although the latter proves to be much more efficient. What the hot water extraction machine does is it entirely washes out the lather formed earlier by the cleaning solution and conditioner. After this step, the carpet is now clean and is dried out.

Carpet Brush and Protective Solutions

Commercial carpet cleaners often brush the carpet post hot water extraction cleaning. This is performed to make sure the carpet is looking very well groomed post cleaning as well as helping the carpet dry out faster. Steam Carpet cleaning Adelaide helps to protect the carpet from foul odor and stains. They will make it fresh and healthy for everyone who makes use of the carpet.

The timber floors, just like a carpeted flooring should be maintain through sanding and polishing. This will keep it shiny and intact.

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