Residential Plumbing 101

It is interesting to know the basics in residential plumbing. Once you are equipped with the basic knowledge, you can fix some minor problems on your own. In this way, you get to save money from the exorbitant labor fees of professional plumbers.

How to clear a blocked drain in Gold Coast?


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Plumbing subsystems

There are two subsystems in residential plumbing. The first is the fresh water that comes inside and the second is the waste water that needs to be flushed out. The fresh water that passes inside the pipes of your house uses pressure. This water pressure is the one that allows the water to travel in areas where it is needed, whether on the lower level or the upper level. It also measured by a meter and close to the meter, you will find a valve used for closing the main pipe of the residential plumbing system. There should also be other valves that can be found in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. These valves are to be turned-off in cases where there are issues in residential plumbing such as clogging.

The second subsystem in a residential plumbing is the water that needs to go outside the house or the drainage system. Unlike the first one, this is not dependent on pressure and cannot be measured by a meter. The pipes made for this second subsystem are designed on a downward angle for the waste water to pass through and go to the septic tank. However, there is also a need for air to be able for the waste water to travel downwards. In residential plumbing, the roof of the house has vents so air can pass through the drain pipes. Air is an important factor in the drainage system because without it, the waste water will be trapped and the services of a siphoning company will be required. Should there be any problem in your plumbing system, the Residential Plumbing is always at hand to assist you.

What are traps?

Traps are the S-curved that you normally see under a sink. Waste water passes through these traps going to the drain pipes. These traps are used to prevent solid matters from clogging the drainage system. These traps can be easily cleaned so waste water can pass through easily. Contact the plumbing Toowoomba here.

Basically, those are the components of residential plumbing system. Each of the subsystem works hand-in-hand in order for the water to go up with force and go down without any clogs. Vents are needed so air can facilitate the water to flow down without having to resort to siphoning.

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