Question to Ask Your to Plantation Shutter Supplier

Plantation shutters are a good option for your home, so installing it is highly recommended. However, before you make your purchase, it is best to ask questions to your supplier. For one, you do not want to regret spending money on a product that doesn’t meet your requirement. Also, you would not want to end up wasting your effort because of a useless installation. Here are some questions you can ask your supplier:

  • Turnaround Time for Installation – Ask for timelines. How long can they finish the job? If possible, let them finish the job for a day, as you would not want to leave your windows open overnight. Most of the plantation shutters installed are customised, which makes them easier to fit and install.
  • Type of Materials – Most of the materials used for plantation shutters are wood. Asking for the type of wood they have available is a must. If you can ask them to let you see a sample of wood, better. Avoid using pine tree wood as sometimes they may cause cuts, advised by manufacturers.
  • Tension Adjustment – Ask them how the tension was adjusted. You sure would not want a drooping Louvre after some time. It is necessary that tension is adjusted properly for it to sustain long wear and tear.
  • Hinges Used – Asking for the type of hinges is another factor best to ask your shutter’s installers. Understand their process well, including why they choose the particular hinge type.
  • Edger of the Plantation Shutters – Are they straight or rabbited? Everyone may come with different preferences; nevertheless, for rabbited, it may prevent any light gaps in case the panels are close.
  • Side Rails – What is the thickness of your side panels? Make sure that the panel is strong enough to support the overall weight of your shutters.

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