Preparing for Floor Sanding

Preparing for Floor Sanding

So you have decided to go ahead and rent out floor sanders and do the floor sanding all by yourself. Great, you would also need to do some prep work before you do the actual sanding. This prep work takes a long time, so be advised that getting a sander before you do it may add a day of extra rental cost for a machine that will just be sitting there.

Check the bottom of the baseboard for base shoe molding, and if they are there you should pry them out now. This is needed as edge sanding will lower the floor a little. Once you are done sanding, you can certainly reinstall it at the proper height rather than leave it a little higher than rest of the floor. If base shoe molding was not done, you are forced to leave it there. But remember that floor sanding will scrape it a little, and you will have to spend some additional time touching it up.

Another thing that people sometimes forget is that pet stains go deep into the wood; you will not be able to make them go away by simply sanding the floor. Water stains are a different story and will disappear after 2 to 3 rounds of sanding. It is important that you identify the pet stains before you start, so you don’t waste your time on them. Usually pet stains will have a tell tale border around them, unlike water stains. You will have to finish over these stains, unless you wish to do some patchwork replacing that section of the floor.

Before you start sanding, turn of the HVAC system and plug up all air grilles. You do not want dust to either enter the ducts or get spread all over your house. All window curtains and wall hangings have to go, as should the doors that open into the room. It is never easy to do floor sanding under the doors even by closing and opening it as needed. Also, you may end up scuffing it up.

If there are any low hanging electrical fixtures, raise them up to avoid bumping into them. If there are any loose boards, you will have to nail them down before you start. But remember that drum sanders do not like meeting nails, as they may even damage the belt. You will have to countersink them all by at least 1/8 inch.

Once you finish all the steps mentioned above, it is time to start the actual sanding. Or you can just avail the service of  Floor sanding agency in Brisbane.

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