Preparing A Homemade Grout Cleaner

If you live in the 21st century with the modern lifestyle and upkeep, then you clearly know that clean environments and high standard of hygiene have been talked about, documented and even been related to health matters. Well, I must say that with the modern day and age lifestyle we are in, living in a house or apartment with no kitchen, bathroom or floor tiles is next to impossible.

Therefore tile and grout cleaning has become an essential part of the household chores. So many theories have been attributed with this form of grout cleaner but others have been more effective and others not effective at all. This is a simple remedy that could work for you:

• All you need for this process is:

 Baking soda
 Bleach
 A brush (tooth brush)

• Now, prepare an alkaline solution of both the bleach and the soda in a bowl or container of your choice to come up with a paste that is relatively dense. The coagulated form can gently be put on the linings of the inflamed gout area and wait for some while.

• Sometimes the decolouriser can do all the work for you but I suppose you want it perfect. Using your tooth brush, scrub deeper into your grout.

• When done, you can let it sit in for another 10-15 minutes to perform its magic. Then rinse it off with a rug often.

• Grout happens to be dark when wet so after rinsing you can leave the area to blot to get your sparkling white result.

• If the results are not satisfactory, you can repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Please note:

• When using bleach, do not let it come to contact with your clothes or skin. You do not want your favourite shorts or jeans having white bleach marks. So wear something that you would not mind throwing away if stained.

• Put on protective hand gloves first. You definitely do not want the smell of bleach on your hands all day long. You also are better off not having bleach directly to your skin to avoid irritation.

• Make sure to put on protective suits to avoid any physical and inflammatory accidents that might be caused by the droppings of the bleached solutions prepared.

• Open a window or door to circulate fresh air for the sake of your breathing system. We do not want you collapsing for failure of breathing due to beach suffocation.

• Also make sure to not breathe into the mixture.

• In case the bleach comes into contact with your skin or inhaled, drink lots of water and seek medical assistance right away.

Enjoy your homemade grout cleaner. But if you want a more professionally cleaned result, opt for grout cleaning Perth service.