How to Prepare for a China Import Formula Seminar

How to Prepare for a China Import Formula Seminar

Have you decided it’s time for you to attend a China Import Formula seminar conducted by Brendan Elias? If the answer to that question is yes, you can’t wait to get into the import lifestyle. It’s not such a bad option since a lot of people import products as a means of income. A lot of people have written about how they learned a lot from watching the training DVDs of Elias. Of course, there’s nothing like experiencing it in person. It’s important to be prepared too.

Reserve a Seat

Since the seminars are free, you can expect seats to run out fast. Therefore, you must reserve your seat online. It won’t take you long to do that anyway if you have a fast Internet connection.

Bring Notebook

Brendan Elias will teach you the common mistakes committed by beginners in the importing industry. Therefore, you must take down notes so you can remember them. It would be useless attending a seminar if you can’t remember what you learned. It’s hard to assume you’ll remember all of them by heart. Since Brendan will teach you so many things, it would be better if you brought a notebook to take down all the important learnings.

China Import

Arrive Early

Even though there are a lot of articles you can read in the official website of Brendan Elias, it would be rude to arrive late for the seminar. Therefore, you must make it a point to arrive earlier than the start time. Who knows? You may gain new friends whilst waiting for it to start.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you attend the China Import Formula seminar. If ever you decide to purchase products from their site, you have the option of refunding it within a certain period. If you’re already in the industry, you’ll learn what you did wrong so you won’t commit them again in the future. The future only looks bright for your business once you attend this seminar.


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