Plenty Of Things To Do In Montville

For ultimate tropical island getaway, how about loving the outdoor and appreciate more about the Mother Nature? Montville is a small city found on the beautiful sunshine coast Hinterland. The place was settled in the 1800s and known today as the creative heart of Sunshine Coast. In here, you will find lots of villas, fun activities and enjoy the best accommodation deals in Montville like body massage and spa. Back then the place was called as Henry Smith, a person who brought the place. Several years later, her mother suggested as a reminder during their early years back in the United States, the place was called as Montville.

The place

Aside from fun and excitement, the place is known by many as farming and logging community until the tourism skyrocketed during the 1970’s thanks to the scenic views of Sunshine Coast rainforest walks. Popular accommodations and attraction includes the finest restaurants in town featuring Kangaroo’s meat and gators as well, cheese factories, galleries, and wineries. You can also visit the world’s renowned zoo in Australia the Australia zoo which is only 20 minutes’ drive down the Beerwah.


There are places for adults and there are places for kids too like the Kondalilla National Park is North of Montville. Kondalilla means rushing water and it offers wonderful walks through inside the rainforest with spectacular running waterfalls. It is a perfect spot for kids and families to do a little adventure of a lifetime. Families can also enjoy the nature while having a picnic under the sun. As you go along with the place, there are also pleasant villages, art galleries, stores and fashion houses. The galleries feature the history of the place including the biography of Henry Smith.


For food in Montville, there are several restaurants you can give a try and by all means enjoy the Australian beers. Try the award-winning restaurants that offer you exotic food that you must try. There are also coffee shop in the area where you can enjoy diverse menu and eat like the locals do. During Christmas, the streets are lit up with lights for your enjoyment. It is a nice way to enjoy the holiday with the twist of eating alligator’s meat.


Accommodation Montville host wide ranges of services to choose from. You can book in into the finest hotels, motels, villa rentals and enjoy breakfast in the morning while enjoying the sweet scent of nature. The town itself is a very well served community including churches and sports grounds where you can enjoy tennis, woodworking activities, and soccer.