How to Pick an E-Cigarette

An e-cigarette is a device that mimics the experience of smoking. With unlimited builds, set-ups and e-juices to choose from, e-cigarettes (also called vapes) have become a popular hobby for many people. If you’re looking to build your own vape, here are a few things to consider:

Smoker or Non-Smoker?

Vapes are a popular nicotine delivery system. They mimic the sensation of smoking whilst satisfying nicotine cravings. This makes it a popular device for quitting. If you’re a smoker, certain builds and e-juices are better for you. You can customise your vape to deliver the same mouth and throat feel of tobacco.

If you’re a non-smoker, it’s best to stick to e-juices that have no nicotine in them.

Choose a mod.

Mods are the housing for the batteries. They contain any circuitry and is used to ‘fire’ the e-cigarette. There are two types of mods:

Regulated – Regulated mods have an electronic chipset built into the device. This controls the temperature, wattage and voltage of the vape. These usually come with small LED screens to help you keep track of the settings. This is ideal for beginners.

Mechanical – Mechanical mods are recommended for advanced users. They have no regulators, which means the device is connected directly to the battery. This allows you to get the full power of the device. However, since there is no way of controlling the voltage or wattage, it will all depend on the build of your vape.

Choose a tank.

Tanks are what houses the coils, cotton and e-juice. Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA) have large decks, which allow for large coils. RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomisers) have smaller decks but come with compartments to hold the e-juice. Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers (RDTA) combine the best of both worlds with a large deck and a compartment.

Building your own vaping machine can be a fun, exciting experience. These tips should help you build the right vape for your needs.

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