Pet Transport Services

Pet Transport Services

If you are relocating to another country, you need to take care of some paper stuffs in order for your beloved furry family members be able to join you in your new home. Pet transport services can assist you in everything you need to know about travelling your pet via airline. Listed below are the services that you can avail of to make your relocation less-stressful.

1) Pet transport services can pick-up your furry family members from your current abode and deliver them to anywhere in the world. If your schedule prevents you from boarding the same aircraft, you need not worry because their health and basic needs are the outmost consideration of pet transport services.

2) They will take care of all the documents needed such as quarantine arrangements, health cards, and in some cases, pet passports. If you are travelling to European Union, they require a passport for you furry family members.

3) They will also prepare the local and international endorsements, and in some cases, consulate validation may be required by the country of your destination.

4) If you have no time to take them to the veterinary clinic, pet transport Australia can do that for you. If there is a need for a microchip identification card for your furry family members, then the procedure will be done on the same day.

5) They will also assist you at the airport and direct you to the place where you will leave them and allow the airline personnel to take them to the cargo section.

6) If you cannot go with your furry family member on the same flight, pet transport services has an accompanied pet program where a representative will go with your pet to the country of destination. In this way, you can have the peace of mind that your pet will not get lost and arrive safely.

7) They also offer a pet protection program which covers veterinary fees in case they get sick during travel. In case something happens that you have to forego the relocation and your pet is already on transit, the pet protection program offered by pet transport services will make arrangements so your furry family member will be brought back home to you at no cost.

8) They will also help you prepare your pets for air travel. They will provide kennels so your pets can already get accustomed to it. They will give you tips on how to lessen the anxiety and stress of your cute furry family members to a new place.

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