What to Look for in a Motel

Everyone has had to rent a motel room at least once. They’re convenient if you need an affordable place to stay. These establishments are popular amongst budget-friendly travellers. Because they’re generally cheaper than hotels, you can spend your more money on your adventure.

If you’re looking for motels in your area, here are a few things to look out for.

Good Customer Service

Just because you’re getting an affordable option doesn’t mean you should expect less customer service. The establishment still has the obligation to give you the best experience they can. This starts with the front desk. The staff must be ready to greet you politely and assist you in checking in. Service should be prompt and efficient.

However, don’t expect hotel amenities. Bellboys and carts are not common in motels, so you might have to wheel in your luggage by yourself. On the other hand, some will have staff that can assist you if you’re carrying too many bags.

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You want an establishment that puts importance on cleanliness. You’ll be sleeping on their beds, shower in their bathrooms and eat in their dining rooms. As such, every area should be hygienic. Bathrooms must be newly cleaned, with no stains or dirt on the bowl. The shower should be shiny and stain-free – even the grout and drains.

The bed should have fresh linens, neatly tucked and folded into the mattress. They need to be ironed or steamed, so they fit snugly against the foam. The pillows should be clean, with new cases. Take note that whilst you can do a visual inspection, you won’t always see hazards immediately.

This is the case with bedbugs – tiny parasites that live in clothes, linens and mattresses. They feed on human blood and can reproduce quickly through contact. These are very small – almost undetectable.

To check for these insects, take a card and run it through the surface of the bed. This works better if you target small nooks and crannies. Use your cell phone flashlight to check the card for any brown-black specks. These are either bedbug droppings or eggs.