Makeup Tips from Expert Japanese Makeup Artists

Makeup Tips from Expert Japanese Makeup Artists

Japanese women have really beautiful skin that’s why a lot of people ask skin beautifying tips from Japanese makeup artists. They are very adept at applying makeup that looks natural yet enhances the best features of the face.

How to Hide Your Skin Blemishes

Japanese makeup artists are very lucky that the Japanese women they usually work with have smooth, blemish-free skin. This makes the application of makeup a lot easier. Since not everyone have skin as smooth as Japanese women, hiding skin impurities like dark spots and wrinkles is important.

The two most important items Japanese makeup artists always recommend that women have in their makeup kits are the primer and the concealer. The primer will hide your pores for a smoother makeup base. Primers are also used to make your powder foundation last. The concealer, on the other hand, hides skin imperfections. Remember to apply just a thin layer of concealer as too much of it will result in a cakey appearance. Finish your makeup base with a pressed powder that goes well with your skin tone.

How to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

A lot of women think that foundation is a necessity when applying makeup. However, Japanese makeup artists say that you don’t need to apply foundation to your whole face. You have to skip the parts of your face where you already applied concealers and highlighters because it will come out unnatural and cakey. Foundation is used only by Japanese makeup artists to even out the parts of your face where no concealer and highlighter were applied.

How to Conceal Tired Eyes

Stress and pollution can make our eyes look tired and puffy. Japanese makeup artist Sydney have a few tips and tricks that we can apply to hide this imperfection. You have probably heard that concealer will hide the shadows under your eyes but Japanese makeup artists say a light gold eye shadow can do a better job.

Light gold eye shadow applied to your lower lash lines will make your eyes look brighter, therefore concealing the tired eye look.

Learning the proper way of applying makeup that conceals any imperfections on your face is an indispensable tool for every woman. You can try out these tips from reputable Japanese makeup artists and find out the big difference that they will make in your look.

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