Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography

Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography

Light plays a very important factor in wedding photography. Lighting alone can add more substance and drama to wedding pictures. Outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies require different kinds of light. Wedding photographers take with them different gadgets to decrease, increase, or diffuse the light. Apart from the different kinds of lenses that they use, wedding photography also requires the use of different types of gadget in order to come-up with perfect lighting. The main function of these lighting gadgets is to remove shadows, add illumination to dark areas, and to diffuse the natural light.

If you will notice, the natural sunlight is a perfect photography lighting in itself. It is generally diffused and it adds glow and warmth on the subjects. Plus, natural sunlight is all the time provides light over the shoulders in whatever position you are in. Perfect it may be, wedding photography still needs the help of gadgets in order to come-up with wedding photos that has a perfect lighting. These gadgets can add more light to a shaded area and lessen or diffuse the light in some areas. Listed below are some of the common lighting equipments that you can see during a wedding photography session:

On-camera TTL flash

This kind of flash can add a lot of substance to photo image. It is used to lighten a shadow and add light to a dark background. Now if there is great moment worth capturing but the scene has a not so perfect background, this flash can darken the background so it will not be seen on the wedding pictures. In other words, it has the ability to remove the unwanted background just by playing with the amount of light.

TTL flash modifiers

This is widely used in wedding photography as it can even help wedding photographers produce more quality and beautiful wedding pictures. The main function of this gadget is to soften the faces of the subjects and also of that of the surroundings. It softens the effects of the light that touches the subjects creating a gentler look.

Studio flash system

This is usually used in traditional wedding photography where the couple is asked to pose as directed by the wedding photographer. This main function of this gadget is to add more light to the current studio lighting. Also, this wedding photography lighting gadgets works well if there is a group picture where shadows are unavoidable, thus, the additional light from this gadget will diffuse light and provide a picture perfect group wedding photo.

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