What You Need to Know About Confined Spaces Training

Confined spaces training is required by Australia’s Work Health and Safety regulations. It’s mandatory for all people who work in enclosed and constrained areas. These places often have poor ventilation and may pose hazards to workers.

Why should I take this course?

Working in constrained areas can be dangerous, although the risks may not be very apparent. Hazards include:

• Loss of consciousness due to poor ventilation or contaminants present in the air
• Explosions or fires due to flammable materials and oxygen levels in the space

Lack of ventilation or breathable air

Apart from these, when injuries happen in small space, it can be hard to provide emergency care or first aid treatment.

By law, manufacturers, suppliers and designers are required to have and provide this training to all their workers. The Work Health and Safety Organisations puts the responsibility on company officers and directors to provide a safe working environment for all their employees if they are required to work under these circumstances.

What constitutes a constrained space?

Chimneys, pressure vessels, wells, trenches, tunnels, pipes, tanks, ducts and other enclosed structures all fall under this category.

What will I learn in the course?

The one-day training teaches students how to safely enter and work in a constrained place. It also teaches students how to:

Get entry permits and instructions for work sites of this nature

Apply theoretical knowledge on safe workplace practices

Assess the safety of a worksite

Use tagging and lockout methods to keep workers safe

Select, properly equip and maintain personal protective equipment, depending on the industry
Use specialised tools and equipment such as atmospheric monitoring devices to ensure that the office environment is safe for workers

Handle materials safely

Taking this course is mandatory for workers in the field. It allows them to protect their own safety and health whilst at work. Compliance with the set guidelines ensures that risks are minimised during operations. It also ensures that employees know how to provide immediate care during emergency situations.

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