Kneeboards User Tips

Did you know that there is a simple water sports that is ideal for the first users or beginners? Yes. We call it knee boarding. Kneeboards are easy to use because you are on your knees when using it instead of your feet which is very easy for you to control the balance and it is impossible for you to fall off on the waters. Though, it may appear as simple it is still challenging because you need practice in order to perfect it. Whether you are beginner or not you need to know these tips that may help you.


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Just stick to your plastic boards.

Plastic and fiberglass. These two are the primary materials composing the knee boards. Fiber glass boards are stiffer and have sharper edges which allow you to easily perform trick and is more durable. Fiber glass kneeboards are mostly used by experienced knee boards users. And if you are just starting out, you need to use the plastic ones because they have wider and softer edges and more buoyant which makes them easier to control and balance.

Choosing the right rope.

Choosing well the rope for your kneeboards are important as the kneeboard itself. You have to choose whether it is low stretch or no stretch. Low stretch ropes are ideal for beginners because it has more elasticity that is very good to use on recreational knee boarding that is still good for doing some tricks on it. No-stretch ropes are ideal for experienced knee boarders as it helps them to perfect their stunts and tricks.

Take note: Do not go out into water sports without well fitted flotation device.

Make sure to wear a life jacket. Make sure that it fits you well and it will not fall first before you. Secure it. It will help you in case you fall off the water.

Choosing the right speed.

Speed when doing the knee board just depends on the weight of the knee board user and their skill. Slower speed should be established for first time users, children and aged people. Those advanced and experienced kneeboards users can travel and have the speed of 20mph. Children should be 5mph. Beginners; especially adults should just have the speed of 12 and 16 mph.

Few tips to Remember:

→ Choose your Right Speed

→ Slowly and surely Increase Speed

→Use Your own Body to Steer

→Practice on Land first

→Keep Good Posture at all times

→Fall Safely

Lastly, you need to have the proper equipments for this water sport. Waterskiers Connection – We have the widest range of Waterski, Wakeboard, Kneeboard and accessories in Australia.