How to Decorate an Italian Restaurant for Your Parents’ Anniversary

When you were a kid, you probably had awesome birthday parties all thanks to your parents. Now that you’re all grown up, it’s about time you make it up to them by surprising them with an anniversary dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Here awesome ideas to decorate the venue of your parents’ surprise anniversary dinner:


Most restaurants of this type are already decorated beautifully. Which means you don’t really need to go all out with the props.

But what you can’t miss out on is the anniversary balloons. You can match it to the number of years your parents have been married.

Buffet Table

The best thing about celebrating in a restaurant of this national cuisine is not having to worry about the food. The venue serves delicious meals that are sure to delight everyone’s appetite.

A good tip is to have a look at the menu of the restaurant before making your reservation. Once everything has been laid down, choose the ones to be served in the party.

Dessert Bar

Don’t forget to check out their dessert list, particularly their cake list. After all, what’s a celebration without some sweets to follow a delicious line-up of dishes? The best part about ordering from the restaurant itself is not having to worry about the plating and arrangement of it all.

Roses on a Glass Cube

Aside from food, one of the most romantic things to have in an anniversary celebration are flowers.

And rather than the traditional flower arrangement, which tends to take up a lot of table space and block the some of the views, opt for roses placed in a glass tube. It’s modern, space-saving and an undeniably beautiful centrepiece.

Dress Code

Last but not the least, don’t forget to remind your guests about the dress code. Inform them of the theme of your party and assign a dress code to them. That way, you avoid anyone from feeling out of place.

Whether it’s a silver or golden anniversary, your parents deserve only the bets from you. Visit Gusto da Gianni’s website and book a function room in their Italian restaurant today!