How to Maintain your Kitchen Equipment for a Long Period of Time

As most of the kitchen equipments are purchased to generate efficiency in cooking, maintaining them becomes a high priority. When used on a regular basis, these equipments tend to get dirty and finally ware out even before the guarantee time, if not taken care of properly.

Refrigerator maintenance

Your refrigerator may not even be a year old and still may not keep your ingredients fresh. This is the time where your task of cleaning and wiping the dirt off the condenser coils begins. Placed in the bottom or back of the fridge, these coils may get dusty often. Above this, if the stale food ingredients are left in the refrigerator for days, an unpleasant smell may develop. This also leads to the formation of moulds inside the fridge. If all the gaskets and compartments of the fridge are cleaned at least once a week with a little baking soda and water, it helps in the fridge’s maintenance. Hire professional cleaners for your kitchen.

Microwave maintenance

Food which is kept uncovered to be heated in a microwave gets splattered on to its sides leaving marks. The smell also remains for a long time after the dish is taken out. So it is always good to use a paper towel and also a microwave friendly top to cover up all the food items. If the stains are too stubborn and do not easily get removed, heat a cup of water in the microwave and let it cool inside, so that the steam permeates the stains which can be later wiped off with a soft sponge.
Stove maintenance

Electric stoves are few such kitchen equipments, which should be maintained very well. It requires complete cleaning with either soapy water or a mild glass cleaner each and every day. Always remember to use gloves while cleaning and use a soft cloth, so that you do not cause any abrasions on the stove area. Similarly even gas stoves usually may have food or milk residue on them and have to be cleaned well by removing the burners each time you clean.

Coffee maker maintenance

Since coffee is brewed almost every day, the coffee maker has to be cleaned well at least once a month to keep it going. Coffee when passed through the filter continuously gets stuck, making the equipment slow in its work. It can be maintained by cleaning the water tank of the coffee first with vinegar and water and finally with plain water around four to five times. This way your coffee will taste fresh each time.

Freezer maintenance

Freezer is important kitchen equipment which helps in ice formation and stores food stuff at very low temperature. If too much ice builds up in the freezer, it is always better to plug off the switch and clean the whole area before the ice water starts dripping. Also make sure that you put all your food stuff which has to be frozen back after maintenance.

One important part of a residential structure is the plumbing system. Proper maintenance is needed to avoid or at least minimize the issues related to it.

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