How to Clean Epoxy Floors

How to Clean Epoxy Floors

Since epoxy floors are one of the best ways in protecting your garage flooring from various kinds of obstructions, they also need regular cleaning methods. Amusingly, no matter how durable epoxy floors are, the coating are still vulnerable and can be damaged easily if you do not do the proper cleaning method of epoxy floors. Cleaning epoxy floors are actually very simple. You just have to follow these simple steps below then you will be good.

1. Prepare your floor – dirty particles and whatever hard and sharp substances could cause damages to your epoxy floors coating. Even though epoxy floors are resistant to water, they are susceptible to scratches and once epoxy floor coatings have scratches, it would no longer become water resistant. Any substances left on the surface of epoxy floors for quite some time could cause minor scratches when disturbed. To get rid of these unwanted particles, you must regularly sweep your epoxy floors. Sweep all way around including those under your furniture.

Epoxy Flooring

2. Gather the needed materials – combine the substances you would utilize in cleaning your epoxy floors. Fetch a gallon of water in a container. Pour in a dish soap which is about one third cup. Then you can carefully mix and stir in both ingredients inside the container. Mix them well.

3. Mop the floor – use the mixed water solution to mop your epoxy floors. Dip your mop into the container then mop the whole area. Mops made from rayon fabric is considered to be the greatest option for epoxy floors. If you make use of regular mops, chances would be some particles could get trapped in your floor coating and would soon cause some issues.

4. Scrub your epoxy floor – even though your epoxy floors could be cleaned well through mopping, these are still some instances wherein your epoxy floors acquire some little spots which need some more effort in cleaning floors. If in any chances this may happen to you, then you could go get a brush then scrub those little problem spots. Just always make sure that you get to utilize brushes with soft bristles so it could not damage your floor coating. The problem with hard bristled brushes is that they could scratch your epoxy floor coating. It will be safe to just make use of soft bristled brushes.

5. Finish up – once you are done with the steps mentioned above, then you can now wash off the soap on your epoxy floors properly. Now that you already have a clean epoxy floor, then you can now get rid of the waste water which is still staying on the floor. After cleaning floors, make sure that its dry as it could accumulate molds and could even become slippery if they remained wet. Considered to be the greatest means in drying epoxy floors is through utilizing foam squeegees. Utilize the foam squeegees onto your epoxy floors to get rid of waste water and put them into the water container once the sponge is full.

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