How to Choose Good Removals Company

How to Choose Good Removals Company

Today, it is not unusual to hear of a person who had a stress free moving experience with a removals company. More and more removalist companies are getting registered in Australia and the added competition means that companies have to provide the best service if they are going to remain in profitable business.

The first thing you should do before choosing a removals company is to do a thorough background check. First, the company should be a registered removalist company in Australia and second, it should have proven track record. The fact is, a company that does not invest in holding itself to high standards most likely lacks the funds to invest in good moving vehicles, latest moving technology and competent and highly experienced staff.

You should also examine the company’s moving agreement to ensure it’s a contract that can even hold in a court of law should worse come to worst. A perfect world, a simple handshake and a verbal agreement would suffice, but, when it comes to your hard earned belongings, you can’t afford to take any chances. It’s advisable to use a moving company that is part of a trade organization so you have a route of redress should you need one.

• What questions should you ask a potential removals company?

1. The type of insurance cover they offer – a good removalist company will have a cover or your belongings. This is to show that they care and respect what belongs to you.
2. For how long have they been operating and do they have any points of reference – this will help you get them in terms of how reliable they are.
3. How will the company choreograph the move – that is, what time will they leave, how many days will the move take, what is their estimated time of arrival, what is the crew size and if they help with the packing and unpacking.
4. What security measures do they take for overnight travel
5. Do they have a physical office or depot that you can visit to check if the company is legit.

These are just a few questions that will help you determine if the company is reliable or not. You will also need to listen to your instincts. Well conditioned moving trucks, smartly dressed crew members, courteous customer care who feel caring and are easy to talk and very open about their reputation are very good signs. The same way you wouldn’t hire a rugged looking person to look after your belonging is the same way you should get removals Sunshine Coast.

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