How to Avoid Clogging According to the Best Plumber in Town

Clogging is one of the most inconvenient things that might happen to your sink or toilet because this can make the house dirtier. This is one of the signs of a dirty house because clogging is the cause of dirt and other substances that might have blocked the pipelines and the water from flowing. This can cause a huge mess to the house if neglected, and that is the reason why the best plumber is always there to give an assistance homeowners that need to get their pipes unclogged and repaired to make the waterways stable once again.

However, to save a lot of money, you don’t need to consult with a plumber over and over again. You need to learn because you have a lot of expenses, and being productive can save you a lot of money. So in order for you to save and become productive at your house, just follow these simple tips that plumbers advice to their clients before usually leaving or on the job:

Don’t Drain Used Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is known to be “useless” according to some people once that it has been used.


Some people decide to throw it down the drain because it’s not worth it anymore. However, oil that’s drained down the pipe doesn’t get drained completely because of the quality of the oil that’s not like water. Some tend to stick on the pipelines and might turn more solid and jelly like once that it stays there for a long time because pipes are cool. You can still re-use cooking oils for next time – the quality still lasts, but only for one last use –, or you can also place the oil in a plastic container or jar to dispose of it.

Don’t Flush the Tissues

Tissues might be worth flushing once that you are done using it on the toilet, but as of this point, remember that most tissues get left behind the pipelines after flushing, and can cause a horrible clog on your toilet. Always use the garbage can to avoid this problem.

Don’t Flush and/or Drain Hair

It is a normal thing to pluck, shave, and/or cut down hair whenever you want to remove some facial or body hair – or if you know how to cut your own hair. However, you should remember that you must never drain this because hair often leaves and gets stuck in pipelines as well. Place many tissue papers on the sink before you trim your hair, or make sure to do it in your room if you have a mirror there.

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