How International Shipping Works to Deliver Products from USA to Australia

The World Wide Web has really opened up possibilities for both buyers and sellers to do business beyond the narrow boundaries of local time and area. Today, it is so common and easy for a buyer in Australia to buy an item from an online portal based in the US and get it delivered. If you haven’t tried this yet, you are really missing out on some really cool international products and brands. International Shipping to Australia from USA is absolutely safe and hassle-free if you know how to go about it correctly.

Sealing your Deal

While selecting a product from an online portal based in the US, you must first clarify whether the merchant provides transportation or if you will have to arrange for it yourself. Next, check if transportation is free for orders above a certain value or chargeable irrespective of the amount of the order. Whether you arrange for transportation or your vendor does it for you, it pays to understand the workings of international shipping as your consignment leaves the US shores till it reaches your home. If transportation is chargeable, you can either pay the vendor or the shipping company directly depending on the arrangement.

Your Consignment Begins its Journey

Once the transaction is complete, your vendor will hand over the packed products to the transportation company along with your complete name and address. From there, it is the moving company’s responsibility to take care of transportation, storage, handling at different customs point and final delivery.

One of the good things about the shipping company is that they do have a shipping calculator on their website.

Sea freight has a high basal cost because items are transported through shipping containers. If you have an item lower in weight than 110 lbs then send it by air freight. However, for items above 300 lbs sea freight is definitely a better option. Most shipping companies provide shipping calculators on their websites so it’s quite easy for you to calculate the costs. Don’t forget to include taxes like GST in your total estimated cost list.

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