How Hazardous Termites Can Be

How Hazardous Termites Can Be

Do you know what termites are? Well, for those who don’t know, they are sometimes the reasons why remodelers strip your walls, all you will see are hollow like nothing inside. That is because termites have eaten them all without you knowing. The thing with them is they are only valuable when they are not found in our homes. Yes, termites are actually earth friendly because of the fact that they help in fast decomposition of dead trees and some debris. How can they help? They eat them away. Yes, termites feed on woods and other cellulose materials like paper and many others. And most of the time, you find them making their homes or colony in damp area as that is where they love best. So you see, as long as these termites are not inside or even near your homes, they can really do no harm but instead can help mother earth.

Termites are said to be older than humans as they have been on earth for about 200 million years already. To know more about them so that you can be warned when you will see them near your place, here are the three types of termites:

  • First type that we will tackle is the subterranean termites. These types of termites are what most homeowners dreaded about as these are the types that can eat your house away. As mentioned above, they feed on woods and they create their breeding colonies in connection to any of their foods be creating mud tubes. So, when you see mud tubes, you can be sure that one of its ends is where termites breed. This type of termites are said to be the most common suspects of property damages I the US.
  • Then there are the drywood termites. By just the name alone, you can right away see that they just live in dry woods and they also feed on them. not like the first type, they don’t really need soil to live. But they can also damage a property being they still feed on woods although, because they are smaller than the subterranean termites, the damage they can make cannot equate to theirs.
  • The last are the dampwood termites. They are often found in woods with high moisture. They also do no need to be in contact with soil to survive. The good thing about them is they don’t enjoy the woods used in buildings being they are really dry so they are not threats to homeowners.

Knowing these three types of termites, you will see that all of them feed on woods which are the most common dominant materials of any property especially homes. Termites do not go roaming around alone. They are always with their team so if you will see one termite, you can trust that a swarm of them is just nearby. It is also the reason why you need to hire Brisbane termite services right away the moment you see signs of them.

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