3 Questions to Ask When Hiring SEO Consultants

SEO campaigns are largely responsible for the success many companies and websites are experiencing today. Aside from the excellent marketing strategies being given to these companies, there is a great team of SEO consultants backing them up. If you want to maintain visible and relevant today, it’s wise to get help from these experts. Here are some questions to ask when hiring these specialists:

SEO Consultants

  • Do you have a list of current and previous clients?

A reputable consultant should be able to share some clients they have already handled. These references can let you gauge the level of success these specialists have on the field. Likewise, these former clients can attest how the team worked to reach their goals as a company. Whilst clients may not provide specifics, they should be able to tell you the impact on their search rankings.

  • How can you improve my search engine rankings?

This is a great question to assess the level of skill, knowledge and competence of the consultant. This way, you can see if their strategies would align with what your company needs. As professionals in the field, they should lay out their plans and explain their strategies on how to improve your rankings.

Before getting floored by their plans, make sure their proposal included a thorough analysis of your website to see what problems need to be addressed. Be sure to ask their input regarding on page optimisation as well as improving the overall structure.

  • Do you follow webmaster guidelines?

Webmaster guidelines are posted so business and websites don’t generate content that doesn’t make sense. Because of this, you want to go for a consultant that follows these best practices. This ensures your site is safe and could possibly drive in more traffic. If they don’t follow these, your page could be taken down or you won’t achieve the search results you want.

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