Guidelines for Web design Contracts

Most individuals assume that they know the meaning of this, but after dealing with several clients, you will note that many clients have no idea what it means. They assume they know what their needs are , but in the real sense , they have no clue. When dealing with a client , you can start by defining what work contract stands for. It is process whereby a client pays a little sum of cash so as to  plan the work in hand for several hours. The concept is not to come with the who project plan , but to ensure that time spent is worth it, and the web designer is paid at least a quarter of his/her hourly charges.

Scheduled Dates on the Project

Good work contracts should be inclusive of dates. While it is tempting to leave the client to decide on his own , some clients might forget if you do not check up on them to remind them of the set date. Some dates to write down should be;

    Project due day
    when the work will begin
    Project strategies
    completion of project date
    comments from the client

The dates  should be listed down in accordance to the web designers expertise of how things should  work, the date sections should have stated consequences if either party fails to deliver . It could be as hard as ending the contract or losing cash. It will be determined by how urgent the end date   is.


Not only should the  amount to be paid stated, but also how the methods of payment will be carried out. You can ask for an upfront payment of around 30% of the overall work charge. This will make sure that the client commits, and will offer you cash so that you can go ahead with the work.

Review your Projects

Many clients may require to make changes in the project. If there is a  limit on the number of changes you are willing to accept as a web designer in your project, you wont have issue dealing with difficult clients.

You can also give specific dates by which all reviews should be completed. For example, if you finish the first plan, you can tell your client that they have specific  days within the week to give back feedback. But you can also include how many revising  periods you will give the client.


Together with rights to your work, you should state in the contract how your project work will be credited for any  activities on their website. Certain developers  market their business physically, and getting a link  on a quality designed website  can a big boost for your work.

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