Signage for Your Business

How to Get a Signage for Your Business

Did you know that 68% of consumers base their perceptions on a business’ quality on how their signage looks? Regardless of how good your service or salespeople are, many of your customers will have already formed an opinion before walking through the doors. This is why a well-design and a remarkable sign is important for any business.

The statistics don’t lie.

There are a lot of new ways to increase awareness about your brand. There’s the social media, websites, word of mouth, newspaper, TV and radio. However, according to a survey, the leading cause of business awareness is still the signs located on the premises. In fact, half of the customers in start-up businesses are attracted by the sign outside.

Studies show that signs increase sales in businesses. Simply adding or altering an existing sign improves revenue. In the food industry, businesses who add a monument sign see an increase of 9.3%, whilst those who opt for large pole styles of at least 144 square feet see a 15.6% increase.

On the retail side, businesses who replace outdated brandings with larger storefront wall signs increase revenue by 7.7%. Those who add directional signs have 8.9% more sales than before. There’s no denying it, effective placement works.

How do I get one?

There are a variety of signs to choose from. They are:

• Frames – Stand-alone cards that are best used in conjunction with other signs.
• Banner-types – Printed on tarpaulin, these can be placed anywhere. It’s one of the most cost-effective types you can get.
• Outdoor sign – Can be used long-term and is best for business storefronts.
• Window graphics – Adds branding to plain store windows.
• Illuminated – Catch attention, especially during the night.

The outdoor sign is one of the most important types you should focus on, as all the others will work to support your main branding.

Remember that the design of the sign matters just as much as the quality. Take your time and work with skilled designers to come up with a fresh logo that suits your business’ image.

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