Five Different Types of Window Film

Five Different Types of Window Film

If you think that a window film is just for cars alone, think again. Homeowners and business owners can also take advantage of window treatments technology. A window film can solve a lot of problems. Window films come in different types so you will have a lot of options. It is best to find out that the different types are and what problems they can solve.

1.    Colored window film– The most common window film is the colored window film which is most commonly seen on cars and other vehicles. This kind of window film can absorb the heat of the sun. A window film can also be installed in order to keep people from seeing inside the vehicle. This function can help deter crimes like theft and vandalism.

2.    Sputtered window film – Copper, nickel, aluminum, and other kinds of metal can be infused in a film. This type of window film deflects heat. A sputtered or metalized window film is most often seen in homes and offices because they can help in energy conservation. During summer, it sends back heat to the outside source while during winter, it deflects interior heat back into the building.

3.    Deposited window film – Deposited films are similar to metalized films. Their only difference is that a deposited window film uses a combination of metals. The most commonly used metal for this type of window film are nickel and aluminum. The end product is a window film that can reduce heat.

4.    Hybrid window film – Hybrid films have the combination of the dyed window film and the metalized window film. It therefore has reflective and absorptive properties. These are used by home and business owners who does not want very dark windows but still want to keep heat and sunlight away.

5.    Ceramic window film – This newest type of window film is made with the use of nanotechnology. Ceramic window films are very durable. They are best when installed in windows of homes and buildings located in areas where strong storms are common. This type of window film reduces the risk of glass shattering. Since ceramic films are at the cutting edge of window films, it is the most expensive of all five types.

All types of window film have their own unique capabilities. Whatever your needs are, one type of window film can surely fit the bill. If you are interested, you may check window film.

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