Features of Digital Asset Management Services

Do you have a responsibility towards protecting the online and offline integrity of your brand or are in charge of post production facilities then you might be wanting to use virtual asset management services sometimes. If you store your business data and virtual assets in multiple formats and different devices or you have no idea of where or how to protect your assets then digital asset management is important for you.

Capturing assets and importing batches

Data management capacities have user friendly upload structures for variously designed media assets. International IT standards like IPTC and EXIF are used for automatic extraction of data. Media assets in bulk groups can be enhanced with Meta tags n order to adapt to customer needs. Media sources are sorted and categorized by coverage, source points, regional differentiation, subject modes, campaign type and other customized parameters.

Enabling video storyboards

A long series of thumbnails can be generated which segment the entire content of a video file on the actual import. The individual video graphic content in chapter format can be divided and the scenes and different videos can be tagged separately and shared with various groups of users. There is a facility for video streaming too which offers instant viewing even before the actual download is finished.

Configurable content

System administrators have the option of defining and configuring content which is specifically modulated to suit their application needs. Users can also categorically define Meta data for different media oriented assets. There are several regulated vocabularies which are used for describing the content and discovery of data. Digital asset management models often contain configurable content systems.