Extra Services Offered By a Reputable Homebuilder

Most people regard a home builder’s task as good as done immediately after completion of the project. However, do note that any extra services do require cash and investment of time. Rather than start allover again getting the right contractor and haggling over rates, it is better to invest in a well-established and reputable home builders. Other than the actual primary project, they provide the following extra services. Visit http://kameleonhomes.net.au/ for more details.


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After Sales Service

This involves what to expect from the contractor after they are done with the project and homeowner moves in. the primary elements include how to deal with pending tasks, warranty elements that may arise later and attendance to emergencies such as incidents associated with plumbing and electrical systems. A well detailed after service package does allow the homeowner to plan on any processes not covered in the summary. It also offers peace of mind in the settling.

However, do note that the services and particulars vary from company to company. Well-established home building companies have a separate client service department to handle such tasks while other keep in touch via bulletins and calls. Whichever the format do ensure that the promises are genuine, and typical services well catered for. Small companies and local contractors do have a more hands-on approach to the issue. They often discuss the services at length, and are easier to get in touch with due to the small number of clients.


After completion of the homebuilding project, typical handover process consists of a comprehensive orientation tour and inspection. This usually involves detailed explanation of operating any mechanical installations, troubleshooting and light maintenance schedules, usually accompanied by a manual. In such events, the home builder usually impresses on the need to follow the set instructions and standard usage of the equipment. Any deviation form such usually nullifies the maintenance and repair agreement between the builder and homeowner.


Most of the equipment in the house, especially those with mechanical components, requires a form of warranty after occupation. The homeowner should ensure that the items are well covered through provision of a well detailed and signed warranty program. The warranty should highlight what is included and excluded in the cover. Atypical builders warranty is usually one year after handing over the home.

Additional items and tasks are covered through a third-party warranty that covers deposit insurance, construction delays, dispute mediation and additional workmanship and materials.

Other than the obvious peace of mind, the extra services offer additional benefits. This includes cost effectiveness and increased house longevity due to allocation of professional home builder repair and maintenance services. Such task would cost the homeowner a lot of money in both sourcing and contracting other professionals for the various construction projects.

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