How Excavation Works in Landscaping

Excavation is a necessary process in landscaping. It has a lot of applications, whether it be for planting or construction. Heavy machinery is used to speed up the process. Many landscaping companies offer rentals of excavating equipment along with their services, making it more convenient for clients.

What type of machinery is used?

Bobcats are typically used when excavating large projects. The term ‘bobcat’ is actually the name of the company that sells hydraulic construction equipment. However, since their products are so widely used in the field, it has become synonymous with excavators. Bobcats are large, heavy-duty machines and can transfer tonnes of dirt in a day.

Mini excavators function much like bobcats. However, the only difference is that they’re much more compact. This allows them to go into tight spaces. For this reason, they are the best option for small to medium landscaping projects, particularly residential ones. This type of equipment is able to carry up to two tonnes of dirt per day.

Once the excavators are done with their work, landscapers are left with a pile of dirt. Loaders are used to transfer the soil from one place to another. If they’re not being used for the project, tip trucks are used to carry them for disposal. The land is levelled off and laid flat.

What are the applications?

Excavating land has a lot of applications in landscaping. A few of the most common are:

  • Installing new foundations – Foundations need to be laid out underground if you’re planning to construct new structures. This is the case for patios and retaining walls.
  • Installing drainage pipes – New ponds, pools and other bodies of water aren’t complete without drainage pipes. These need to be underground for protection, and to preserve the aesthetic value of the yard.
  • Transplanting trees – Sometimes, trees are ordered in fully grown from another location. They are then shipped to the residence or business to be replanted. Diggers need to be used to ensure that the transplanting process is quick.

Landscaping projects are much easier with the help of bobcats, excavators and tip trucks.

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