What is an Endodontic Dentist?

An endodontic dentist specialises in treating dental pulp. The name comes from the Greek words endo and odont, roughly translated as ‘inside the tooth’. Regular dentists can treat superficial damage to teeth. However, in instances where a root canal is required, it’s best to go to an endodontics expert.

What are the requirements?

Dentists who specialise in endodontics need an additional three years of postgraduate training on top of their degree. This specialisation requires special University training. Whilst regular practitioners can perform surgeries related to dental pulp, they must be proven to have qualifications and previous experience on the subject. Less than 3% of dentists can be considered a dental pulp expert.

What do they do?

Root canals are the main treatment for these experts. They’re less concerned about the aesthetic value of teeth. Instead, they focus on pain reduction and treatment. They can recommend ways to lessen pain caused by exposed dental pulp. Because their education is more advanced, they can diagnose tooth pain more accurately than a regular practitioner. As such, more complicated cases are escalated to these professionals.

Pain management is a huge component of their job. Exposed dental pulp can be extremely painful. Since the nerve is exposed, it can cause a lot of discomfort for the patient. Experts typically use numbing medication to solve this problem. However, not all individuals are sensitive to these treatments. In fact, some are resistant to it!

The dental technician uses their skill and expertise to find ways to numb even the most resistant patient. This makes treatment much more comfortable for them. Afterwards, there’s a good chance there’s inflammation. The patient will also be more susceptible to infections. It’s their job to ensure this doesn’t happen, so they provide post-care treatments.

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What are the benefits?

Being treated by an expert with specialised knowledge is the main benefit of going to endodontics instead of a regular practitioner. This is especially useful if you have a complicated case or need emergency care. To add to this, these professionals will have state-of-the-art technology that most general technicians won’t have.