Dogman Training Requirements

Dogman Training Requirements

Dogging in the construction industry is now one of the most in demand jobs of today because of the many high rise buildings being built all over the world. If you have the qualification and certification that are needed for you to become a dogman or crane operator then surely you can easily be in one. But if you do not have these qualification and certification then you first need to take the dogman ticket course. This one week intensive training will give you the licence and certification that you need to be able to become one of the crane operations or be in a dogging job.

But before you can take on the dogman ticket course, you first have to qualify and be fit to take it. Here are the requirements before you can take the dogman training Brisbane.

 Able to read and write.

The dogman ticket course will only cater those people who know how to read and write since these are very important in the training. Reading is essential because of the many things that the trainee should know and understand and writing is equally as important since at the end of the week and the training, the trainee will be tested in written and practical form. He needs to be able to pass both exams before he can get the certifications that he need to be able to qualify on any dogging and crane operation jobs. If he fails either exam, he will need to train further and finish the course until he can pass the assessments that will be given. These assessments are given to ensure that the trainee understood and learned everything that has been done during the training.


 Should pass the language, literacy and numeral assessments.

Communication and basic knowledge on machinery and calculations are also very important in any dogman jobs since these three are the key to be able to get the job done. Dogging or crane operations can be dangerous if the person operating cannot communicate properly and cannot solve a simple math. He needs to be able to estimate and calculate everything in order to do his job safely that is why this is a requirement before one can take a dogman ticket course.

 At least 18 years of age.

Of course, the trainee should be at least 18 years old since this is the age allowable by the law to get into a dangerous job. Anyone younger than 18 years old will not be allowed to take the course because it is just far too dangerous. A mature and a responsible adult is what the jobs needs that is why only 18 years and older are able to take the course.

 Should bring two forms of identifications.

The trainee should bring two valid IDs if he wishes to take the dogman ticket course. This is to ensure that he is well identified and verified. This is also one way of telling if he is in the right age to take the course.

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