Custom Made Surfboards: Are They Worth A Try?

If you are new to surfing, you might be toying with the idea of opting for custom made surfboards but you are also torn between two opposing ideas. If you are going to buy a board off the rack, there might be a possibility that it will not fit your surfing needs. However, if you choose custom surfboards, you have the assurance that you have a board based on your personal preference. It can be quite a daunting task deciding on whether to buy one or have it custom made. It is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons so you can pick the right choice.

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Buying A New Surfboard Off The Rack:

•    If you are going establish a career path in surfing, you need to invest in high quality surfboard and it can be costly. However, buying it off the rack will be well worth it since expensive surfboards are made of durable materials. Surf shops also carry surfboards from the famous shapers such as Merricks, Lost, Firewire and many others. However, not all boards are designed to provide you what you need and taking the risk of buying the wrong surfboard may pave the way for disasters. You need to be keen on selecting the right board for you or you will have a hard time paddling or catching the waves.

Custom Made Surfboards:

•    When you have your surfboard custom made, you feel like no one owns the board except you. The best thing about custom surfboards is that you can definitely take ownership. All you need to do is to wait for a few weeks for the surfboard of your choice to be done. Although the amount of time it takes to have your surfboard customized can be dreadful, the waiting time will be all worth it especially if you consider the best shapers.  You are given the assurance that the board is made based on how you want it.  Your shaper can also help you improve your surfing ability as they understand the shape and style that will make room for growth not only on your skills but new techniques as well. On the downside though, if you do not have a good relationship with the shaper, you might not achieve the board you really want. You should also keep in mind that custom made surfboards can be expensive too but for a good reason: they provide you ease especially if you are a beginner.