Corporate Video Production Trends to Follow in 2018

Setting yourself apart from other competitors in the field can be difficult without the help of a corporate video production company. After all, these specialists in Melbourne know what it takes for their clients to be successful. They stay on top of all the latest trends and happenings to ensure their clients become number one in their field.

Here are some trends that have been gaining popularity this 2018:

  • Social Media Diversity

Social media remains to be an important aspect of today’s society. Whilst you may be aware of Facebook’s recent decline and controversy, this doesn’t mean that social media is dead. In fact, there are other channels and sites which can distribute content you have made. One way to do this is to build direct connections with your target audience and your clients through email, membership or even exclusive events.

These occasions, memberships sites, email or online campaigns will certainly help you gain a wider reach. Not only do you get to increase your email list, you also provide them with a long and lasting reliable relationship. In the end, you won’t have to be at the mercy of third-party platforms to distribute your content.

  • Transcribed Video Content

Transcribed videos are considered game-changers in the industry. Aside from offering to watch muted content, it also caters to a wide array of people, especially those with disabilities. This is a great boost to SEO, particularly because it allows people to easily understand the message you are trying to get across.

  • Original and Engaging Content

2018 is all about branding and building your company’s image. To do this, you must provide original and engaging content. As you know, people are already tired of seeing sponsored posts, advertisements and other forms of endorsements. For them, they see this as a means of hard-selling the product without actually putting your heart into it. However, with more unique and creative content, you can create compelling stories that touch the hearts of the people.

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