Contents of a training video

Contents of a training video

Training video production is a branch of corporate video production which focuses on the production of training videos which will be used in order to help students learn with whatever course or hobby they have signed up for or are interested to learn. Training video productions make sure that knowledge is supplemented and topics are easier to learn. Here are three important parts of a training video production that are followed regardless of the type of tutorial is hosted by the client.


In training video production, these videos have a unique introduction. For tutorials about arts, crafts, makeup and construction, the introductions would usually start by showing the final output of what the video is about. This will set the expectations of the people who are watching that video of what the goal for the tutorial is about. The introductory part will be different however for training videos with regards to areas such as machine operations and class lectures. These types would often start with a quick introduction on what its purpose is and what people need in order for it to be done but can also start with the prior depending on how it is introduced.


The body of the training video production is the step-by-step instructions of how the tutorial is done. For arts, crafts, makeup and others, this is the part where materials are listed down and shown to make sure that the person who is following it has the right materials on hand prior to the start of the tutorial. Steps are then shown that progress from the preparations until the final step which the viewers can follow. Other tutorials which do not need materials usually begin with the methods of how it is done. A classic example for this is math where the theory is first discussed and then the steps on how a problem can be solved.


The ending for training video production is quite easy as the objective of the training video has been achieved. The end of the video would show the final product of the video lesson or whatever topic that has been introduced. The people who have appeared on online training videos would often encourage their viewers to practice and repeat the video should they need more help. Companies who use training videos for their recent recruits would also gladly repeat the video should they have problems.

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