Promotional Products

Company Promotional Products in the Form of Stationaries

Stationaries are items that we will need at certain points of our lives especially when we are either at school or in the office or during those moments where we need to jot down something important like numbers being dictated during a telephone call. If these stationaries are not bought at an office supplies store, the next best thing that people will get these from are in the form of company promotional products. Whether these are given away for free in celebration of an event or simply given to employees for their personal use, company promotional items that are based from stationaries will be extremely helpful. Here are three examples in which stationary company promotional products can come in.

Writing instrument

Pens, pencils and mechanical pencils are just three common writing instruments that companies use for their company promotional products. While these pens or pencils bearing the name of the company together with its traditional font or logo can be quite modest, it can be highly indispensable items as these can be used when writing something important. It can be used for school, for office work or for places or areas where the filing of forms is necessary, just to name a few.

Writing material

In terms of writing materials, there are a plethora of ways in which company promotional products can be made. These writing materials can come in the form of simple color palette ideas for sticky notes, notepads and notebooks to the handsome journals and diaries which can be bound with leather. When writing materials are chosen as company promotional products, companies can chose whether to have their company’s name or logo printed on every page of the product or only have it featured on the cover of the chosen product, especially for paper products made to have covers on them.


Calendars, no matter how big or small they may come in, are noteworthy company promotional products. No matter where a person is, be it at home, at work or in school, a calendar is extremely helpful as it keeps track of what the current day is in or the past or future days as well.  It also keeps people notified in keeping them informed of when holidays are. When used as a promotional item for a company, there are lots of ways in which it can be presented namely having the company’s name and details along with their signature tagline or having images that are related to their company in one way or another.

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