Most Common Bobcat Uses

A bobcat in Perth is a type of heavy machinery that’s used for transporting items from one point to another, in very high quantities. They are powered by hydraulics, making them very powerful. Those who operate these machines require proper training to ensure safe operations. Whilst bobcats have been associated with material-handling equipment, the term is actually the name of the manufacturer.

Bobcats come in a variety of forms. Each has its own purpose. The most common are:

Compact Excavators – Also known as a mini excavator, this machine is commonly used for digging land to make trenches or foundations for structures. They are often seen in construction sites, especially during the early stages of the project. They are compact enough to go through tight spaces and are generally used for small- to medium-sized land areas.

Skid Steer Loader – Used in manufacturing, construction and a variety of other industries, loaders are used to clear land. They are used in construction to ensure that the surface is very flat. In landscaping, lawns and gardens can be levelled using this machine. This makes the ground clear for planting various plant material. It also works to clear any unwanted growth in the area. Landscapers use this machine to start construction for patios, pools and other additional items in landscaping projects.

Compact Track Loaders – This type of machine functions like a combination of the compact excavator and the skid steer loader. Whilst they have dual functionality, they are used only on surfaces that are moist, wet, muddy or sandy. Regular machines don’t operate well under these conditions. Compact Track Loaders are specially designed with roller suspension systems and special tracks for easy navigation.


Those in the construction industry see a lot of these types of equipment. Landscapers also use these machines frequently when doing construction work on projects. This is especially true if they’re installing or building new structures inside the compound. These can also be used to prepare gardens and lawns for planting new flora. Unwanted plants are completely cleared, removed and disposed of. The job is made easier with heavy-duty equipment.

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