Commercial Vehicle Finance you needed

As most entrepreneurs know, transportation costs are an important part of any major business calculation, making commercial vehicle finance an absolute must in these matters. As luck would have it, there are only so many companies that specialize in commercial vehicle finance than are willing and able to meet your specific needs and help you in your endeavors…

If only where was a company that would enable commercial vehicle finance without deposit or any establishment fees of any kind… To switch from whichever unfavorable and biased finance agreement you are in, and enable some friendlier payment terms. One that helps you secure the most competitive equipment for your business through specialized partner networks that span across several fields.


Just imagine how awesome would it be to secure a commercial vehicle finance agreement that covers up to 100% of the value, so you can focus what few resources you need to other, more urgent matters. And furthermore, to do it instantaneously, with no waiting periods, any day of the week. To have resident specialists at your beck and call, even on weekends just because you felt like it. To be able to reach them by phone or live chat and ask whatever questions you might have – and receive an instant reply.

Such a company should cater to any logistical needs that might arise, leasing vans, flat bed trailers, tankers, car carriers, livestock carriers, refrigerated trucks as well as any other type of commercial vehicles that might be needed, regardless of the complexity of the situation. Without any concealed fees and hidden clauses to trick you into a de-facto indentured servitude.

But why stop there, why not add payments that can be made in any period up to five years, but make it so they reduce year after year, because of the hefty discounts that reward your loyalty. Or better yet, make at least some of these payments tax deductible so you do not have to pay twice. Without requiring any deposits and bonds to tie down your capital and impede your business plans. In fact, since this is wishful thinking anyway, why not make it a company that works together with you and actually tries to synchronize with your plans, rather than dictate them?

Why not make arrangements that benefit both parties and get everything that they want, and more? To have it both ways, to preserve your own funds and still get the equipment you need to get the job done and make money to pay the lease, with minimum exposure and risk. If only such a company existed… Or does it?