Commercial Electricians

Electricity has become a very important element in our lives today and it is what drives everything. The commercial electricians are thus equally important because they are the ones with the technical know-how of how the electricity works. This makes their jobs very secure and that is why so many people out there in the world usually tend to lean towards this career path; it is strenuous but it will be rewarding and that is usually guaranteed. An electrician’s job is to specialize in electrical wiring of machines or of buildings. They usually work on certain aspects such as installation, maintenance and repair of electrical infrastructure.

The career path for a commercial electrician is very long and this is because before one is able to become a full-fledged electrician he or she must pass through 3 stages; these include the apprenticeship stage; the journeyman stage; and then they become Master electricians. Apprenticeship usually lasts for about 3 to 6 years depending on the country or the state. In Australia, it usually takes about 4 years for it to be completed. During this time one specializes on electrical trade and they do this in classrooms for several hours on end. They are then paid just a percentage of what a Journeyman would be earning. When they start the Journeyman stage they are found by a local, state or national licensing body to be competent in the electrical trade; this usually lasts for about 7 to 10 years; now you can see how much time you take to get to the top.

In Australia commercial electricians obtains their electrical licence and that certifies them to be able to do all the types of electrical installations. A local electrician is only however able to handle the smaller tasks such as home automation and theatre, phone points, air conditioning, data and structured cabling system, safety switches and even inspections. After apprenticeship they are meant to sit for three exams which they must pass to advance forward; one theory exam and two practical exams. They will then receive an A class electrician licence but they still cannot work for profit or gain until they are able to obtain further qualifications to make them more knowledgeable.

The commercial electricians in Australia can choose to be represented by the Electrical Trade union, but the electrical contractors are able to choose from either being represented by the National Electrical and Communications Association or they can choose the Master Electricians Australia. This job is very lucrative in the long run should one choose to stick to their guns and see it through.